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Map of Churchyard
I have started to try and create a map of the churchyard and thought I would share it with you to see if you think I am on the right track. There are 200 memorials (numbered 1 to 200) in the notebook but some of them are listed as blank or illegible.

I have only put a few numbers on the map as yet and the information corresponding to the number below (I still have lots of them to write up and will need to check everything). It is a bit tricky to try and work out where some of them are since they are interspersed with later gravestones that are not in the notebook.

I hope this gives you a bit more information about what I am doing.

Kind regards


Carol Winthrop

Map Raughtonhead Churchyard All Saints

Click on the above image for a 1929 Plan of the Graveyard.

3 Alter tomb with a cross on the top, there is a crosier at the left and a rose on the right of the cross. The memorial is at the foot facing east.
BARDSLEY John Wareing BARDSLEY, 59th Bishop of Carlisle, born March 29th 1835, entered into rest September 14th 1904.

MALLINSON William MALLINSON of Raughtonhead died 21st April 1886, age 66, Catherine, his wife, died 28th May 1897, age 69, Rachel, their daughter, died 15th June 1917, age 66.

5 YS
CARSON John CARSON, of Raughtonhead, died 7th March 1898, age 77, Ann, his wife, died 16th January 1890, age 56, William, their son, died 7th January 1881, age 14, Nancy, their daughter, died 18th August 1892, age 23, Thomas, their son, died 20th February 1898, age 36, Annie PEARSON, granddaughter of John CARSON, died at West Woodside 7th August 1884, age 2 ½ years, Ann CARSON, sister of the above John CARSON, died at Raughtonhead, 21st June 1898, age 73, Jane, wife of the above Thomas, died 26th January 1924, age 56

130 8 foot tall YS Veil draped urn on Holy Bible Grapes down the left and right
BARNES In Memory of Robert BARNES of Sebergham Hall. He died in April 1820 aged 53, Ann his wife, died in November 1823, aged 51, Ann, their daughter died in 1807, age 7, Thomas, their son died in his infancy, Charlotte, their daughter died in December 1814, age 12, Elizabeth, their daughter, died in October 1823, age 29, John, their son, died in June 1824, age 17, Thomas, their grandson died in his infancy, Esther, their daughter, died in May 1829, age 31.

142 YS/BS L E 4 ½ feet high
HODGSON (On the east face) John HODGSON of Gaitsgill, born 6th September 1795, died 23rd September 1869, Ann, his wife, born 25th October 1803, died 27th October 1857, Ann, their daughter, born 20th February 1832, died at Hall Hill 27th March 1840, Thomas, their son born 20th June 1826, died 8th October 1856, John, their son, born 9th September 1838, died 10th February 1858. (On the south face) Isabella, wife of Joseph, of Gatesgill, died 20th May 1883, age 36, Annie Jane, their daughter, died 23rd October 1885, age 6 months, John Stewart, their son, died 18th December 1896, age 16, Barbara Margaret, second wife of Joseph, died 6th April 1897, age 35, Robert their son died 9th December 1897, an infant. (On the west face) Sarah HODGSON of Gatesgill, died 1st March 1891, age 79. (The north face is blank).

147 YS L E Cracking Blank shield
LAYCOCK William LAYCOCK of Stockdalewath, died 26th March 1864, age 7

Further Memorial Inscriptions
All Saints Church will receive a copy of the final publication and their assistance will be acknowledged in the document. This can be made available for visitors to the church.
The document can also be purchased (a nominal fee) from the Cumbria Family History online shop.