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Preserving Our History
Greetings from the Gold Coast of Australia. I was born and brought up in Carlisle, attended the High School there and was married at St James Church in 1968. My husband and I with our two children moved to Rainhill, near St Helens in 1975 and then emigrated to Australia in 1980. We are now happily retired at Southport on the Gold Coast.

I have been researching my family history for many years and it has been wonderful to see the huge increase in information that is now available on the internet compared to when I first started my research. I am a member of the Cumbria Family History Society (CFHS) and when they asked for volunteers to transcribe some notebooks last year I put my hand up. I have appreciated that much of the family history information that is available is because of the work of volunteers so wanted to make a contribution.
A retired archivist had visited many churchyards in Cumbria about 20 years ago and written up the information from the Memorial Inscriptions on the gravestones (mainly pre 1900) and of memorials within the churches. Last year he donated the 54 notebooks that he had filled with information to CFHS so that it could be preserved for future generations. CFHS has scanned all the notebooks and the information is now being transcribed by volunteers.

I have completed the transcription of two churchyards so far: St Mary Magdalene, Hayton and St Mary’s, Churchtown, Sebergham. It has been a challenging task as the handwriting and abbreviations used in the notebooks is sometimes difficult to decipher, but it is very rewarding when you get to the end and have a completed document. It has also proved to be very personally valuable since I found my husband’s ggg grandfather at Hayton and several of my ancestors at Sebergham.

I have now started on the transcription of All Saints, Raughtonhead. Although I have only typed up the index of names so far and had a brief look at some of the inscriptions I was delighted to find that my great grandparents are buried and have a headstone which I had not been aware of. My father and his family came from the Castle Sowerby and Sebergham districts, so I do have a strong link to the area.

The screen shot below shows an example of what is in the notebooks and the paragraph following it shows how it will look when transcribed.

Transcriptions of Memorial Inscriptions All Saints Church Raughton Head Cumbria

100 Tall Yellow Sandstone Lichen Engraved
RUMNEY John RUMNEY of Stockdalewath, died {31st} January 1800, age 83, Thomas, his son, died 31st December 1803, age 50, Ann, wife of the above John RUMNEY, died 10th January 1821, age 90, Joseph died 8th May 1860, age 85.
“Dear wife and children, do not for me mourn, when Death is seen, I must return. In love I have lived, in peace I have departed. I have prayed to God with Christ for to reside”.

(There are more transcribed MIs here)

Once all the information has been typed up I will then go through it all again and check that it is correct. Then I will cross check the names and places in the index to ensure that they have all been added correctly. Creation of a plan or map of the churchyard is the next task with an indication of where the gravestones are approximately located. Hopefully by the end of August I will have made good progress towards getting it completed.

I discovered the Raughton Head Parish Magazine website when I started to do some research about All Saints church. This included finding the photographs of the beautiful stained glass windows and that led me to contacting Ian S. Lees
(see the Stained Glass Windows page) Ben Phillips and Tony Furniss. I am looking forward to maintaining that contact during the course of my project to improve the contents of the final document, a copy of which will be made available to the church when it has been published.

For anyone interested in their family history I would recommend that you access the CFHS website
https://cumbriafhs.com/cgi-bin/cumbria/cfhs_main.pl which provides a wealth of information, useful resources and lots of relevant links. The majority of the information is free however if you join the Society for £10 per year you will receive four newsletters and access to the members area on the webpage. There is also a very active Facebook group.

Carol Winthrop

Carol’s Connections with Raughton Head
My ancestral connection with Raughton head is that my great great grandmother and one set of my great grandparents are buried there - the following is the transcription that I found in this notebook - and I was totally unaware that they were buried there so it was a very exciting find.

HODGSON          Elizabeth, widow of Joseph HODGSON, Cumwhinton, died at her son-in-law’s, Isaac

BIRD of The Style, Castle Sowerby on 11th November 1880, age 82, Mary, wife of Isaac BIRD of The Style, died 20th May 1891, age 61, Elizabeth, wife of John

JACKSON, daughter of the above, died at the Infirmary, Carlisle, 22nd December 1902, age 46, the above Isaac

BIRD, died at Kilngate, Sebergham, 6th June 1905, age 84, Mary, daughter of the above, died at Kilngate, Sebergham, 16th July 1930, age 61, Isaac, son of the above, died there, 19th October 1931, age 65.)

I also have some more recent relatives who are there - my aunt and uncle, William and Ada Graham and cousin Richard (Dick) Graham.

Carol Winthrop

Preserving Our History
I am very pleased to let you know that I have completed the transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions for All Saints. It has been an interesting and challenging journey and I have been very grateful for the help received from Tony, Glenda and Janet. The published document is now available on the Cumbria Family History Society website
https://cumbriafhs.com/cgi-bin/cumbria/cfhs_main.pl?action=cfhs_shop - top
at a nominal cost of £4.00.
A printed copy will also be made available in the Church for visitors.
I do hope that at some point in the future someone will take on the task of recording all the 20
th Century inscriptions so that the information can be preserved for future generations.
I was delighted to receive photographs of the gravestone of my great grandparents and great great grandmother today from my second cousin in Dalston. I will continue to research my family history as it is a never-ending task and I am about to start on the transcriptions for All Saints at Scotby.
I also have maternal links to the area - I had forgotten that my uncle and aunt farmed at Cowrigg for many years and I used to spend some of my school holidays there!
Best wishes to everyone at Raughton Head.
Carol Winthrop - carwin@netspace.net.au