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Are you old?
Do you remember when…….?
Would you like to join a new group called Remember When?
We meet on the first Monday of the month at Roewath,
Stockdalewath, from 2.00 pm. to 4.00 pm.
New writers welcome. You bring a notebook and pen and write down whatever you remember about your childhood, in any way you please. The young ones will never believe it.
Encouragement, good company, and a cup of tea at half time.
Felicity Coulthard – 016974 76277

“Starting school in the late 1950s was a major experience.  A two penny bus ride to the rural school, which had two teachers and around fifty children. The school had two classrooms which were heated by fires protected by a semicircle of low railings.  In winter the 1/3 pint bottles lined the railings in an attempt to defrost the frozen milk ready for break time. Dinner was provided in the village hall, which meant a short walk in all weathers.”

“I remember when corner shops had lots of shelves with rows of empty jars. Mum said they used to be filled with sweets for sale.  She explained how each jar contained sweets in small shapes and pretty colours for people to eat.  She said they tasted delicious and if she sucked them they lasted for a longer time.  I tried very hard to imagine what that could possibly be like”

“My parents were delighted when I passed my 11 plus.  I can’t really remember such delight at anything else I did!  At any rate I was given a bicycle as a present.  It was not, of course, a new bike, they were probably in short supply after the war and almost certainly too expensive. So I went with my father to the down town part of the city and knocked on the door of a shabby terraced house. We were beckoned into a room where there were children sitting on the floor.  There was only the bicycle in the room, no furniture of any kind.  The price of the bike was 10 shillings - 50 pence in today’s money.  When we came out, I said to my father “that was a funny house” - he replied ‘you don’t know how most people live” “

"When I was little we had no tap in the house, we got our water from the well in the garden.  It  had a bucket on a long string, plaited I think. You knelt on a stone slab and lowered the bucket into the well.  If you dropped it in Dad had to rescue it with a crook and you got a blacking!  We kept another bucket of water in the house and you just tipped it in.  It was good water - I suppose it will still be there."

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