Ukraine Russian illegal War Masyanya
Masyanya (Масяня)
Masyanya is the title character and heroine of a Russian adult animated web series (later released on TV) created by Oleg Kuvae.
She is in her twenties and lives in an apartment in St. Petersburg.
A typical episode consists of sarcastic (and frequently absurd) commentary on contemporary Russian life.
In a recent episode, the topic was the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

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Masyanya - Episode 160
Masyanya and Hryundel (her husband) try to hide information about the beginning of the war from Lokhmaty (their Ukrainian friend). He was born in Russia, but has family in Ukraine.

Masyanya Stand with Ukraine Russian invasion War crimes

This is nonsense, we can't keep it up for long
I can’t tell him that our insane czar decided to play hitler,
that he started a real war in Ukraine.
That would kill him!
(Lokhmaty has a weak heart)
I’m also feeling shitty because our dumbass czar has stirred up all this bullshit!
He has destroyed our country foremost and killed the future of our children!

People are dying from bombs over there!
We should have fought the fuhrer harder!

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And we were all n0 p0lItIcS pls No PoLiTiCs!!!
So here is the result of “no politics”. This is where our fault lies.

Lokhmaty learns the truth
Masyanya Stand with Ukraine Russian invasion War crimes Scraggy

Masyana goes to Putin's bunker
Masyanya Stand with Ukraine Russian invasion War crimes

"Masyanya" is now blocked in Russia.

Russia genocide in Ukraine illegal war

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