Tibetan Prayer Flags All Saints Church Raughton Head St Cuthbert's Church Embleton
The Mystery and Wonder of the Disappearing Prayer Flags
During this challenging time we have been exploring different ways to convey our thoughts and prayers, while limited in ways to gather in church.
Being Creative is something we all have within us and as part of expressions of Faith, Love and Care within the community. We placed Prayer Flags to share these thoughts to the community and the way of the prayer flag is to flow into the surroundings and the communities around us.
They have been appreciated and welcomed, yet surprisingly, have now taken another journey to complete their purpose.
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Tibetan Prayer Flags at All Saints
Tibetan Prayer Flags All Saints Church Raughton Head

Tibetan Prayer Flags All Saints Church Raughton Head RHS

Tibetan Prayer Flags All Saints Church Raughton Head

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Tibetan Prayer Flags - How To Make
They should have a wish or prayer for the general good of the world or community; for example – peace, happiness, health, strength, tolerance, kindness etc.
Hopefully people will stop and look closer and feel connected to the thoughts and messages and prayers.
Everyone in the community is invited to participate in this project – men, women, young people, children, any faith, no faith. If you have a good thought or wish or prayer to share please make a Flag.
Your prayers or wishes can be in the form of a picture (like the peace sign or a handshake) or they can have decoration only. You can add a word or words or a line of poetry, etc.
If you use pens, paints, etc they must be permanent
The orientation should be a long rectangle (portrait).
The minimum size should be 15cm x 21cm (6”x8”) and the maximum A4 size (21cm x 30cm or 81⁄2” x 111⁄2 “ ) but we won’t be getting our rulers out– these measurements are a guide.
You can have the bottom edge straight or shaped or points or add a fringe.
Important – your Flag should have a sleeve on top big enough to thread through a thick washing line, at least 3cm (11⁄4”).
You can use new fabric or recycle what you have at home – a sheet, denim jeans, clothes, tea towel, curtain fabric, etc.
Traditional meaning of colours are:
Blue = sky, air, space
Red = Fire
Green = Water
Yellow = Earth
White = Wind
You can use these meanings or your own design.
Cut out shapes to glue on and then stitch (eg heart, hand, circle)
When you hand in your Flag, write your name on a piece of paper and pin it to the back please and an age would be appreciated if you are a younger Flag maker.
Maureen Lamb- St Cuthbert's church, Embleton

Flags at St Cuthbert's Church - Embleton
Tibetan Prayer Flags St Cuthbert's Embleton

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