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All Saints Church
Jubilee Service - Sunday 5th June at 11.00 am. in All Saints church, Raughton Head.
This is a joint service of thanksgiving with Stockdalewath Free Church.
Annual Bike Ride - Saturday 11th June at 2.00 pm. (please Recreation > Cycling).
Church Picnic - Sunday 12th June at 12.00 noon (please below for more details).
PCC Meeting - Wednesday 29th June at 7.00 pm. in All Saints Church.

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Hospitality Matters
The church has different ways to be a welcome to all. We have great opportunity, with our little kitchen, to share a cuppa and hospitality after church services. It is helpful to have different people doing this duty after the church service, as well as being present to welcome folk as they arrive in church.
We have already had some offers from the congregation, to assist with this part of church life. If you would like to be on the Hospitality Rota, please contact anyone on the PCC for more information.
Volunteer names will be added to the other church rotas already undertaken, like flowers, cleaning, prayers, bible readings and key guardians which appear in the parish magazine each month.
Glenda Furniss - 07763 372195
All Saints Raughton Head PCC

Rogation Sunday - 22nd May 2022
This was a Sunday when people traditionally walked the boundary of the parish.
So, on Sunday people set off from the various churches in our benefice, some walking, some in cars, some on bikes, to meet at All Saints where we had a short service.
Then everyone joined in and enjoyed a picnic in church or outside, even though it was rather rainy. Extra cake, biscuits and drinks were on hand from All Saints.
Churches now in our benefice are, Dalston, Cumdivock, Raughton Head, Wreay and Ivegill, who have recently joined with us.
Margaret Pinguey - 01228 711175

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Plant Sale - Thanks
Thank you to everyone who came along and bought plants and enjoyed coffee and cake and biscuits at our plant sale on Saturday 21st May at All Saints.
Fortunately, the weather, although a bit windy, stayed fine.
Our thanks also to the amazing number and variety of plants people donated.
We raised £441.50 for church funds. Well done everybody.
Margaret Pinguey - 01228 711175
Beryl Craig - 016974 76547

Ukraine Appeal - Thanks
Thank you very much to everyone who gave so generously to our appeal for Ukrainian refugees. As a benefice we raised £2,575.00 and this amount has been sent to our Moldovan church contact.
Ben Phillips - 070360 99123

Church Rotas
As normal services return, please let me know if you would like to be on one (or more) of the Church Rotas.
Church Guardians / Reading / Prayer / Church Cleaning/Flowers/Hospitality
More people on a Rota means that your turn will come around less frequently, so please help if you can. Thanks.
Andrew Robson ( PCC Secretary) - 01228 710498

Church Cleaners
In the past we have been fortunate to have band of regular church cleaners to maintain the church for the weekly services. The present circumstances mean that the church would need to be cleaned before the twice monthly planned services.
We are also making the church open again for daily prayer.
We are grateful for all the service that has been given in the past and the PCC would like to know if past volunteers are still willing to offer this service again as we emerge from the Lockdown status. All cleaning materials are provided by the PCC. 
We realise many have experienced changes in their circumstances in this past year or so and it is perhaps time to refresh this devoted band of folk, who give so kindly to the church in these domestic acts, that keep our church a place of peace and hospitality.
In the coming month of May, volunteers from the Hobby group will do the cleaning, as we plan to meet twice a month, but we do not see this as a regular part of the group activity.
Please let us know if you would like to continue on the regular rota for cleaning throughout the year, or like someone to be your cleaning buddy, to show you where all the nooks and crannies are that need some regular dusting and polishing. Perhaps a good job for some Duke of Edinburgh candidates too, who might need to gather some merits for their challenge.
Glenda Furniss (All Saints PCC) - 077633 72195

Church Cleaning All Saints Raughton Head
Flower Rota
As we reopen the church, can you let me know if you wish to be on the Flower Rota.
There will only be two services a month, one the 2
nd and one on the 4th Sunday.
For the time being we would ask you to look after the flowers for both services.
Margaret Pinguey – 01228 711175

Church Guardians
A weekly rota has been compiled (please Church Guardians) of people who have kindly volunteered to help.
If you would like to be added to this list please contact:
Andrew Robson ( PCC Secretary) - 01228 710498

Churhc Guardians

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