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Stockdalewath Weather – March 2018
Though not a record breaking month, March was generally colder than the majority since I started recording here in 1989. 2013 holds the record of the coldest and this year did not really come close to that but the average maximum was the 3
rd lowest I have recorded. The generally grey and relatively sunless days account for a low maximum. As will be seen there were a large number of days with frost but only one, the 1st, with a severe frost. The month was a complete contrast to 2017, where record highs were recorded (Avr Max 12.04º; Avr Min 4.37º).
Everyone will remember the start of the month. It was a continuation from the last couple of days of February. We had about 6” of snow on the 28
th. On the 1st an easterly wind got up and blew all the powdery snow into quite significant drifts. This caused serious problems on the roads around the area and on both road and railway throughout a large part of the country but particularly the north-east and Pennines. The drifting cut some isolated residences off for days and caused much trouble for farmers in trying to locate sheep under the drifts. The strong wind only lasted a couple of days but the damage was done. The snow lay in Stockdalewath for about a week with the maximum struggling to reach 5º until the 5th. The snowy conditions returned briefly around the 18th but on this occasion it consisted mostly of heavy showers in a fresh SE wind.
Not surprisingly in such a cold month the rainfall was quite low. It was well below average and down amongst the lower recoded months but a little way from the record in 2012 of 16.4mm. A third of the rain (11mm) fell on the 6
As I said it was a grey month, as witness by the sunshine figure which was well less than a third of the maximum possible – at about 90 hours. The sunniest spell was from the 24
th to the 26th. Though windy at the time of the snow it was generally a quiet month.

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