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Rose Castle Foundation
I wanted to let you know that my job with Rose Castle Foundation will be finishing at the end of October. Sadly, since all the programmes had to be cancelled this year, and it is not yet clear when they will be able to start again, Sarah and her team have needed to adjust things. I shall miss you and am sorry it hasn’t been possible to see you for a while or for there to be any volunteering work going on with everything suspended. Only Janet and the gardeners have been able to continue. The staff team will resume work at the start of November although initially they will still be working from home.
I would like to thank you for all your wonderful help and support to Rose Castle and do hope that I will see you again when things have improved and volunteering activities can begin again. I started at RCF as a volunteer and I shall return to being one again which will be lovely.
Hannah Larn joined our team in March 2020, only a few weeks before the lockdown, and I don’t think many of you have met her. Her role is Programme Coordinator and she will organise and facilitate the training programmes. She will now also be the point of contact for volunteers so if you have any questions please do email them to her

For those of you who are part of the monthly prayer group, when it is possible to begin this again Owen will get in touch with you.

It has been so lovely to get to know you all. I do hope you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you all at some point.

Many thanks,
Cressida Thompson

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Rose Castle Drawing copy
Drawn by parishioners - over 2 metres long