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Prayer Group
Thanks for those who were able to join the Zoom prayer meeting yesterday, and for those who were praying alongside us.
It will hopefully be the last time we have to Zoom!
The next prayer meeting dates are Tuesday
8th February and Tuesday 8th March, both starting at 7.30 pm. We are proposing to be in Rose Cottage - the RCF office at Rose Castle. If the venue needs to change Owen or I will let you know. It will be lovely to be able to meet in person again and draw on that energy that praying together in the same place brings.
We will send out a reminder and prayer points nearer the February date, but I wanted to make sure you had the dates for your diaries.
We would be grateful if you could continue to pray for the team as they prepare for the next few months with Covid uncertainties, and for the next team gathering starting at Rose
Many thanks and every blessing
Julia Hedley
julia.hedley1@btinternet.com www.rosecastlefoundation.org

Scriptural Reasoning (SR)
The Rose Castle Foundation launches our new programme offering for Scriptural Reasoning (SR).

SR is a unique and transformative method of interfaith dialogue that improves understanding and relationships within and between faith traditions. We are offering two forms of training in SR: an introduction, for those who've never taken part before; and facilitation training, for those who'd like to host SR sessions themselves.
This is a bold new step towards our mission to equip reconcilers to transform conflict, and a sign of our commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to experiencing SR. We hope you will enjoy browsing our offering via our new webpage, where you can also make bookings directly, or download a brochure for more information.
Canon Sarah Snyder (Founding Director) - Rose Castle Foundation

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) Rose Castle Foundation

Advent Gifts
In December we asked you, our supporters, to make an Advent gift to help us keep equipping reconcilers to transform conflict in 2021. I have the joy of writing today to thank you for your support.
Together, you not only reached, but surpassed our £5,000 target. This sum will make a real difference to our ability to reach those who need our help the most right now – and along with your words of encouragement, I speak for the whole team in saying that we are touched and incredibly grateful.
Wherever you find yourself today, we wish you every blessing for the year to come, and look forward to keeping you posted with our journey, and hearing from yours, in 2021.
Canon Sarah Snyder (Founding Director) - Rose Castle Foundation

The Rose Castle Foundation
2020 has certainly been something! None of us here at Rose Castle could have quite imagined the year we’ve had. The Covid pandemic has presented us with a new set of challenges and a new set of opportunities, but the Rose Castle Foundation’s mission has not changed.
We asked: “How can we build trust virtually across deep divides?” We know the ingredients in a physical space – genuine welcome, shared meal tables, storytelling, deep listening and respectful questioning. How do these and other elements map on to the virtual environment?
Without any residential programmes this year due to the Covid pandemic, we have jumped at the opportunity to host regular online sessions, addressing current themes like pandemic and plague; end of life; leadership through uncertainty. We have convened our alumni cohorts around issues of the day, and have spoken and facilitated at numerous international gatherings.
In this work we have re-discovered the power of face-to face encounter, even if through a screen. Even in this era of digital connecting we can still welcome one another, create and facilitate shared spaces marked by deep listening and respectful questioning. We can be generous host and risky guest to one another.
We have had to say farewell to our wonderful colleague Cressida Thompson, whom many of you will know well. Cress first joined RCF as a volunteer to co-ordinate our volunteers, soon also stepping into her role as administrator and office manager. Cress has moved on to an exciting new role, and remains a dear friend of Rose Castle. We wish Cress the best of luck in her new adventures!
Georgia and Owen May have welcomed lovely baby Alphaeus into the world, and look forward to the day when he can meet the residents of Raughton Head and Dalston.
The refurbishment of Rose Castle and surrounding estate has continued throughout most of this year, delayed a few months by lockdown restrictions, but still on track for a grand re-opening in 2021. We can’t wait to welcome you all once it is ready!
The pandemic has exposed many of the fractures within our societies, but our vision is of a generation of reconcilers, equipped to cross the divides within their spheres of influence. We look forward to the year ahead, and how our work will continue to flourish in 2021.

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 17.32.43

I'm writing today to offer a glimpse into the life of the Rose Castle Foundation in 2020.
It has been quite a year for us - you can read my piece by clicking the photograph below.
This is the first in a series of
Rosebites - update snippets to give you a flavour of what's going on inside RCF.
Sarah Snyder
Rose Castle Foundation

Sarah Snyder Rosebites Tuareg Tent

Rose Castle Foundation
I wanted to let you know that my job with Rose Castle Foundation will be finishing at the end of October. Sadly, since all the programmes had to be cancelled this year, and it is not yet clear when they will be able to start again, Sarah and her team have needed to adjust things. I shall miss you and am sorry it hasn’t been possible to see you for a while or for there to be any volunteering work going on with everything suspended. Only Janet and the gardeners have been able to continue. The staff team will resume work at the start of November although initially they will still be working from home.
I would like to thank you for all your wonderful help and support to Rose Castle and do hope that I will see you again when things have improved and volunteering activities can begin again. I started at RCF as a volunteer and I shall return to being one again which will be lovely.
Hannah Larn joined our team in March 2020, only a few weeks before the lockdown, and I don’t think many of you have met her. Her role is Programme Coordinator and she will organise and facilitate the training programmes. She will now also be the point of contact for volunteers so if you have any questions please do email them to her

For those of you who are part of the monthly prayer group, when it is possible to begin this again Owen will get in touch with you.

It has been so lovely to get to know you all. I do hope you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you all at some point.

Many thanks,
Cressida Thompson

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 18.23.28

Rose Castle Drawing copy
Drawn by parishioners - over 2 metres long

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 11.13.23